Asue Ighodalo’s Recent Voters Card Registration A Damning Evidence Of Disconnection With Politics And Governance – Edo APC


**Still On Asue Akintunde Ighodalo’s Pipe Dream**
By Osehobo Victor Ofure

The sudden and last minute acquisition of a Temporary Voter’s Card by Mr. Asue Akintunde Ighodalo at Idirio Primary School Ewohimi (I) ward in Esan South East Local Government area of Edo State is funny. He has not voted since 1999. Na was oh!

Mr. Ighodalo’s track record given his long history of political apathy reveals a glaring disconnect with Nigeria’s democratic processes. So since Nigeria’s return to civilian rule in 1999, the man has never participated in any election?. Despite residing and conducting his business in Lagos, he refused to even register as a voter there.

It wasn’t until October 2023 that Mr. Ighodalo joined a political party, specifically the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). This sudden political involvement coincides suspiciously with his imposition as the PDP governorship candidate for Edo State. The timing and circumstances suggest a dubious maneuver rather than a genuine interest in public service.

Ighodalo’s historical disengagement from voting and political participation signals a broader disinterest in Nigeria’s development. For decades, he remained detached from the nation’s governance, raising doubts about his sincerity in leading Edo State. His failure to engage with the political process, implies a lack of genuine concern for both the state and its people.

Moreover, Ighodalo’s lack of connection with Edo State is underscored by his inability to speak his mother tongue, necessitating the use of an interpreter to communicate with his kinsmen. This linguistic and cultural disconnect further alienates him from the very community he seeks to govern. His engagement with Edo State has predominantly been through a business lens, reflecting a mercenary approach similar to that of his predecessor, Godwin Obaseki. QED!

As a businessman, Ighodalo has bountifully benefited financially from his roles within the state’s economic team since 2007 and as chairman of the Alaghodaro summit since 2016. His prolonged involvement in these roles suggests a prioritization of personal gain over public good. He highlights a self-serving attitude rather than a commitment to consistent political ideals.

Ighodalo’s recent claim that he will work “nine days a week and 27 hours a day” as governor is skeptical. Such a hyperbolic promise is indicative of a candidate out of touch with reality and the practicalities of governance. It is a hollow rhetoric for a man who has shown little interest in the political process until it served his personal ambitions.

In light of these concerns, Mr. Asue Akintunde Ighodalo is clearly a problematic figure for the governorship of Edo State. His abrupt entry into politics after a buoyant financial sojourn, combined with his historical disengagement from voting and local affairs, paints a picture of a candidate more interested in power and profit than in genuine public service.

The people of Edo State deserve a Governor with a proven commitment to their welfare, not one who views governance as a business opportunity. Senator Monday Okpebholo and his running mate Rt Hon Dennis Idahosa with their enviable record as members of the National assembly and pedigree as grassroots politicians represent the future of Edo. They see Edo as their home and are resolved in their desire to better its lot.
A New Edo is rising
*Osehobo is Assistant State Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress Edo State *


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